Why You Should Buy Last Year’s Golf Equipment

Are you wanting to buy that new piece of golf equipment that cost $400, but just don’t have the money? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people out there who are caught up with the newest drivers or irons that are priced to outrageous numbers. These golf clubs are waste of money and I will explain why.

Buying anything brand new is a waste of money in my opinion. I don’t literally mean everything, but you get the point. You should definitely buy new groceries. But when it comes to pricey items like golf equipment, vehicles, musical instruments, etc, you are paying way too much if you buy it brand new off the showroom floor. A brand new club at most retail golf stores are selling the new Taylor Made r9 for $399. You can buy last years for $299. Is this years club going to make you hit it better than last years? Probably not. Are you going to save a lot if you go with the previous model. Yes!

My experience working in golf pro shops has enlightened me on this subject. Many of our customers would by a new driver every year. Chances are, they did not hit the ball any different year after year. Chances are, their scores did not get lower each year they bought a new driver. But you can bet your bottom dollar they paid a premium price every time. What a waste in my opinion.

Let me say it again, It is a waste of you money to purchase brand new golf equipment for the retail price. The minute you walk on to the course with that new club and play with it, the value shoots way down. Just like when you drive a brand new care of the lot, it is immediately worth less. The resale price for a Brand new Taylor Made is about $170 according to PGA Value Guide. That is in excellent condition too. It sells new for $299. Getting the picture yet?

I can tell you from experience it is not worth it to buy a brand new club. I have made this mistake. I thought I was something with my brand new Ping driver. I will never forget the day I saw the next years model in a golf equipment magazine. I was shocked to see that mine was devalued to $100 less than I paid for it. I was immediately kicking myself for not waiting a year for the price to drop.