Here Are Some Excellent Golf Tips for Senior Golfers

3 Tips: Senior Golfing with John Souza

Hi, my name is John Souza, head golf professional at Stadium Golf Club.
Today we are going to go over some tips for seniors, aging, and how to still stay competitive.

Golf Tip #1: Have the right equipment

I do have a lot of lessons that are seniors, and if they have really dated equipment, they will get a little more help out of current technology.
Senior shafts, bigger club heads, stuff like that.

More flexibility, a little lighter so club speed can stay up. At times, even an “arthritic grip,” a bigger grip can be a lot more comfortable for some senior players as well.

But certainly, options for really good players, average players and then other players of all variety, but looking for a different kind of feel, something a little harder — a distance ball. So read the information. They do a lot of research to try to come up with what’s perfect for you. A little bit lighter shaft, a little newer technology, the ball that’s just designed for you to play is certainly going to help.

Golf Tip #2: Practice your short game

As these folks are here and were hitting it better, hitting it into more fairways… as they get older, they’re going to lose more distance. It’s not going to get better. It’s going to deteriorate a little bit. So, that’s the time, when they’re still healthy and still interested in playing a lot, to really start to focus on their short game… To work on their game from 100 yards and in… Get very good around the greens… Really good with their putter.

Also, it’s free to practice. You can practice any time at the house or wherever. You don’t have to be buying balls and beating them.

Golf Tip #3: Consider a closer tee

They should play the tees that are most appropriate. We added that forward tee, that set of tees here, and the idea was that we just wanted to have another option. They weren’t for anybody, they were just an option.
We could have a senior player that hits the ball 280 yards. And he probably shouldn’t be playing those tees. Obviously, he should be playing — whether it’s the whites or the blues or something like that. Where other players, who hit a 7 iron 80 yards, they’re not going to have a whole lotta fun playing those back tees or the third set of tees. They’d be most appropriate on those forward sets.

So, I think it’s about… what we did here, what I wanted to do, was tie each tee box to a distance that you hit an iron. To take away any stigma of “this is a ladies’ tee” or a “senior tee” or whatever it is. It’s just a tee. It’s just an option, whatever color it is. But if you hit a 7 iron x number of yards, then this would be the place where you’re going to have the most fun.

If you want to torture yourself, then you can play back. And if you want to have more fun… like I was saying, we could have a tournament, from those forward tees, and try to drive greens and have a blast.

– – – – –

Golf might supply enjoyment to some, while create frustration for others. But as a typical truth, it can become a (fun) obsession to all. Those that have actually recently set their feet in the game, while also making attempts to reach their full potential on the course, have to look at a set of guidelines. Golf ideas for newbies have to be valued by the beginners to avoid the pitfalls of the game.

Many newbies believe that a high cash investment — i.e. getting the most costly golf clubs — may bring marvels to their game. Don’t wait to rent out golf clubs from you’re the golf course, driving range or just obtain one club from your good friend for a smooth beginning.

Do not even think of jumping right onto a golf course straightaway; you might build disappointment in yourself, as well as, for those viewing you. You need to begin with learning the principles, start with a 9-hole course, and also — with growth and improved skill — you will get to the more challenging 18-hole golf course.

It would be encouraging to take golf lessons from the people around you, yet for the most excellent guidance, you need to take lessons from the specialist golf fitness instructors. The golf lessons by these trainers may in fact lift up your game to a more sophisticated degree.

Golf pointers from the experts rightly consist of the body activity as well as technique. The understanding for correct control of head, hands, knee, leg, shoulder and also wrist forms the essence of the game.

You also should discover just how much your muscle mass has to be unwound, and also to just what extent your hands should put stress on the grip. Each try has its very own needed strength. You will get to recognize these techniques once you become much more involved with the complete game.