The most up to date in Wonderful Golf Attire

The rainy United States Open up simply covered up as well as the golf was magnificent. The one thing I really despised regarding him was those dumb Oakley sunglasses he utilized to put on. The ones redneck hicks on coastlines almost everywhere were wearing.

I was glad to see him shed those bad children.

I saw Phil showing off a set of pin candy striped pants as if he was playing for the Yankees. He was at that golf tournament a couple of weeks back and he used these plaid trousers that were about 14 different brilliant (and also I indicate bright) colors. It looked like he woke up in the morning and tossed up the 14 sets of trousers he consumed the evening before as well as sewed them back together.

He looked awful.

All these youthful kids in golf seem to be wearing brilliant, bright colors.”If I showed up one day to a golf getaway putting on a fluorescent environment-friendly Nike tee shirt as well as pleated white pants with a fold in them, my good friends would throw mud on me. (I in fact have white trousers at home that I have never used, purely for this reason.).

These men obtain away with it, since you constantly can dress crazy in golf. Remember the hat that Court Smails wore? And he is going up against 87 individuals wearing plaid pants, knickers, removed trousers and pink shirts.

On Sunday they need the impossible to occur, they need to beat Egypt by 3 or even more objectives, and also they require Italy to lose by 3 or more goals. They racked up much more objectives than Italy, also though Italy killed them head to head. I have one concern regarding all of this: Who care?