Net-ing Bargains on Golf Equipment

If it sounds like insanity to pay $500 for a driver from an upper-end brand name, don’t worry, because you don’t have to. The Internet abounds with opportunities for golfers to find good discounts on golf equipment. Buying direct from a manufactures saves you the wholesaler’s and retailer’s profit that you would otherwise be paying. And an online store that sells clubs from a number of manufacturers still can offer good deals, because the company is not paying for the cost of a brick and mortar location. The big brand name manufacturers spend a fortune on advertising, promotion, sponsorship of golf events, etc. All these costs find their way into what you end up paying for the clubs. A golf club really doesn’t cost that much to manufacture. It has simple components and simple assembly. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find bargains on golf clubs.

To enjoy these great Internet savings, you just have to get used to a new way of shopping for clubs. Golfers used to visit a sporting goods store or golf pro shop, look over the various kinds of clubs, then choose several to try out and get the feel for the club (most stores had an indoor net to hit balls into). With Internet shopping, you can’t physically touch the club until you pay for it and have it delivered. This can cause some anxiety for golfers shopping online. It’s one thing buy a dozen golf balls that way, but club selection is normally a more personal, individualistic experience. There is the alternative of course of visiting a retail store, looking at clubs and then going home and ordering the ones you want from an online discounter.

Demo Clubs and Clones

One online service has managed to bridge the gap between the retail store and the Internet store. This company allows you to “demo” clubs in your home. You don’t have to visit a store to try clubs out. They deliver them right to your door. You pay a modest demo fee, and then select a demo clubs from an online list of thousands, including those from top club manufacturers. Your selections are delivered free via FedEx 2 day-air. You can try out your clubs for up to 5 full days. Then you ship the demo clubs back in a box and with a label the company provides. If you want to purchase the clubs, you can apply the demo fee you paid and buy the clubs. This site has an Advantage Club, with members-only special offers and discounts via mail and e-mail, as well as advance notice of upcoming specials.

If you have a good idea what clubs you are looking for, and are ready to purchase, a good site to visit is The Golf Warehouse. This site lets you select the price range you prefer, and then see what clubs or sets of clubs are available. You can also make selections by brand name manufacturer. They also sell shoes, apparel, accessories and custom-made clubs.

Find lots of bargains on the Internet for discount golf clubs, equipment, and clothes.