Golf Equipment That You Cannot Live Without

If you are a serious golfer, your equipment is likely one of your favorite possessions.

This makes it highly important to be informed when shopping for any type of golf equipment. Golf equipment need not be highly expensive and you can buy it from specialized stores or order it online.

There are literally thousands of golf accessories and gadgets that can be purchased for both the game and pleasure. Some items are totally unnecessary, yet others are vital to the game. This article will just be a small down payment on this subject.

The Ball

Obviously, you cannot play golf without one.

Believe it or not, there are dozens of manufacturers and companies that sell hundreds of different types of golf balls. For those of you new to the game, the fact that there are so many different types of golf balls is probably a bit surprising and confusing. The standard size for a golf ball must be 1.62” in diameter and have a maximum weight of 1.68 oz.

And for any particular ball to be used in a professional game, it must be approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Obviously, if you are not involved in tournaments or professional games then you may use any ball you wish on the field.

But the rules are so strict for golf tournaments that if a player was found using a ball that was not approved by the USGA, he or she would be immediately disqualified. However, most balls sold by major manufacturers at sporting supply stores are typically USGA approved.

Other Vital Golf Accessories: Tees & Divot-Repair Tool

Besides golf balls being an obvious requirement to play the game, there are two other items that should always be a part of your time on the course: A bag of tees and a divot-repair tool.

The Tee

On the very first shot of each hole, you are allowed to place the golf ball on top of a tee. This tee is simply a wooden peg that is elevated once it is stuck in the ground. The top surface of the tee is flat so that the golf ball is placed securely on it, ready for a clean swing. Tees are very cheap and come in packages of twenty or thirty, for just a few dollars.

Divot-Repair Tool

A divot-repair tool is a device that will help you repair any dents created in the green. The green is a very tidy and well maintained area where the whole is located at. And many swings will chop a small section of it away, which should be replaced by the player using a divot tool.