Essential Golf Equipment for Every Player

If your starting out or just new to golf you might be shocked to see the amount of equipment that is lugged around the course by the typical pro or serious golf player. You’ll find there’s a many cool and nice to have aids and hi-tech gadgets for golfing, but if your only interested in playing really well, you’ll probably only need to buy a few items that are considered essential items to be in your golf bag.

I’d like to present to you the fundamental things that should be with you at all times on the golf course, outline for you the most important things that should be with you on the golf course.

Essential Golf Equipment

Golf Clubs: It’s obvious that this will be the highest cost you’ll have to budget and purchase. Take care selecting your clubs as it’s important you get it right for you as you’ll be paying a lot of money. In the rules of golf you are permitted to have up to 14 clubs in your golf bag but the normal, standard set number is 12 clubs which is suffice for any new starter. The standard golf set consists of the Driver, Fairway Woods, Fairway Irons, Wedges and Putter The Driver (or commonly referred to as the No.1 wood) Golf drivers usually are used off the tee and are classed as power clubs. This is because the club head is much larger than other clubs and the weight is much heavier than the other club heads in the set. In recent years drivers are available in a vast variety of different loft angles and weightings. The majority of drivers will still have a pitch angle of between the angles of 9-13 degrees, which works great for weekend golfers looking for a recreational hit.

Fairway Woods: In very broad terms the “fairway wood” includes as well the utility woods which are the 3 and 5 woods.

Utility woods -7, 9, and 11 woods: In general the fairway wood has a less lie angle than do the irons. What this means is that it allows the ball to travel a lot lower through the air and still achieving good distance. Most golfers will usually only carry the 3 and 5 woods. Utility woods are carried by the more experienced golfers and will require an advanced set skill to get a clean hit than the 3 and 5.

Irons: Golf irons have a number from 2 through 9 (includes a 1 iron but it’s rarely used these days). The angle of lie or llft degree will go up in accordance to the number of an iron. The greater a loft a club has the higher the ball will pitch upwards when hit properly.

Wedges: Because there is many different types of wedges you won’t carrying all of them at any one time. The most widely used wedges are the pitching wedge and the sand wedge which should be in every golfers bag. Wedges come in 48, 52, 56, 60 and 64 degree lofts. Pitching wedges normally come with 48 degrees of loft. The pitching wedge is the lowest loft of the many types of wedges. The next lofted wedge is the approach wedge with about 52 degrees of loft. The sand wedge has about 56 degrees of loft and is carried by many more players than the approach wedge. There is about 60 degrees of loft for the lob wedge and high-lob wedges come in between 64 and 68 degrees of loft, which does depend on the model build.

Putters: Just like with all important clubs in your bag, the putter is up there as the one of the most important. More shots are lost on the green than anywhere else for many golfers, so choosing the putter that best suits your needs is very important. To do this takes time and its best to try out a few in your hands to before you make a final selection. You will know for sure which one feels right for you if you do this.

Golf Club Bag: Buy a bag of the highest quality that your budget permits. It should be strong to cope with robust rounds of golf – they tend to get bashed around a lot, you don’t want it falling apart after the first round!

Golf Balls: When your starting out, its best to just use cheaper or even used balls because you’ll be losing a lot of them as try and master the swing (a lot of shots won’t be going where you want it to go such as in the water or trees – hopefully not too many!)

Golf Shoes: In order to play really well you are going to need to purchase some really good golf shoes – there no real way around this..

Golf Tees: Have the course pro help you pick out the right height for your particular clubs.

Golf Glove: It’s not really compulsory, but most players prefer to wear a glove as it gives you extra grip on the club shaft and stops your hand slipping away. You don’t the glove for putting.

Golf Towel: Golf towels are great for wiping sweaty hands, golf club grips, balls and in the rain it will definitely help you. One final thing you should look at which will help you get the best performance out of your golf gear is your fitness. Remember not to neglect your fitness!